Why I want my girls to have self-love over Instagram love

Swish / November 1, 2018 / SHARE

I don’t hate Instagram, far from it. Like most women, I enjoy scrolling through the hundreds of images of stunning interiors, gorgeous fashion, delicious food and amazing landscapes that arrive in my feed on a daily basis.

But what I don’t see on Instagram is young girls going through the ugly stage anymore and it makes me fearful of what the expectation will be when my girls reach Instagram age.

Girls today generally have an Instagram page feature stunning photos of themselves and nothing more.

There’s no images really showing anything about the actual person. There’s no natural photos of them laughing and smiling with friends and no photos of special places where they have created lasting memories.

It’s a fake profile based around what they want people to think of them, and sadly, I believe it will manifest as identity trouble down the track.

There’s a time in every girl’s life when her body starts to change and she begins to feel awkward, shy and self-conscious.

It leads to those cringe-worthy photos of you covering your growing chest with defiant crossed arms, refusing to show your noticeably larger teeth or mouth full of metal from braces by smiling and desperately looking away from the camera to hide your pimples.

Is it fun? No. But those growing years teach you important lessons about being comfortable in your own skin, embracing change and living in the moment.

It’s vital preparation for navigating your way to adulthood.

Our daughters don’t go through the natural caterpillar to butterfly stage anymore. Every digital snapshot of life needs to be airbrushed, filtered and perfected so it can be displayed on Instagram and attract maximum admiration.

If you don’t get those coveted red hearts or a list long of comments confirming how beautiful you are it somehow means you are lacking, not beautiful enough, not worthy.

I want my daughters Vienna (6) and Isabella (9) to grow up knowing they are gorgeous within themselves on the inside and on the outside without needing hundreds of people – most of them strangers – to validate it for them.

The desire for my girls to have self-love over Instagram love has been a huge part of the inspiration to create Viella Dance Collection.

I want them to lose themselves in the dancing which brings them so much fun and joy without feeling anxious about the way they look when they move.

I want them busy dancing, laughing and having fun, creating memories and beautiful strong friendships.

I want them to feel comfortable and supported when they stretch and leap and soar to the music without constantly adjusting their dance wear in some way.

And as each new season brings increased height, shape changes and eventually puberty, I don’t want them to give up their passion because they suddenly feel exposed or different in some way.

Body confidence is a huge part of feeling strong, empowered and believing in yourself.

May Viella Dance Collection give every dancer the confidence to fly and feel beautiful.