Isabella Crisona

Isabella is one half of the inspiration for Viella Dancewear being the founder, Nicole’s, oldest daughter.

Like her mother before her, Nicole was thrilled to start Isabella in dance classes at 2.5 years old. Isabella took to the stage like a fish to water and has grown her passion for dance ever since.

Her favourite style of dance is lyrical because of how easily she can express herself through the choreography. She loves having the ability to work though her emotions on the stage and the audience isn’t even aware, they just see a beautiful and authentic performance.

Isabella is currently focusing on improving her technique and testing her skills. She is enjoying exploring all genres of dance including Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, hip-hop and of course, lyrical.

Isabella has been participating in competitive dance since she was 5 and has been honoured with many awards for solo, duet and troupe performances along the way including the Jrn Aggregate Cup at the West Coast Dance Festival in 2017.

Her favourite thing about dancing is meeting people and creating meaningful and lasting friendships.

Isabella is thrilled to be a Viella Ambassador, not only is she able to represent her Mum’s creation, she gets to share what young girls experience around body image. She wants you to know that Viella dancewear is so much better than wearing active wear to dancing!