Isabella CRISONA

Isabella is one half of the inspiration for Viella Dancewear being the founder, Nicole’s, oldest daughter.

Like her mother before her, Nicole was thrilled to start Isabella in dance classes at 2.5 years old. Isabella took to the stage like a fish to water and has grown her passion for dance ever since.

Her favourite style of dance is lyrical because of how easily she can express herself through the choreography. She loves having the ability to work though her emotions on the stage and the audience isn’t even aware, they just see a beautiful and authentic performance.

Isabella is currently focusing on improving her technique and testing her skills. She is enjoying exploring all genres of dance including Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, hip-hop and of course, lyrical.

Isabella has been participating in competitive dance since she was 5 and has been honoured with many awards for solo, duet and troupe performances along the way including the Jrn Aggregate Cup at the West Coast Dance Festival in 2017.

Her favourite thing about dancing is meeting people and creating meaningful and lasting friendships.

Isabella is thrilled to be a Viella Ambassador, not only is she able to represent her Mum’s creation, she gets to share what young girls experience around body image. She wants you to know that Viella dancewear is so much better than wearing active wear to dancing!



Vienna, Nicole’s youngest daughter, is the other half of the inspiration behind Viella dancewear. Vienna admired Isabella on stage and picked up the love of dance early on by dancing around the house with her big sister – so its no surprise she started dancing at 2.5 years of age as well!

Although Vienna is a completely different character from her older sister, their shared love of dance is one thing they can agree on! Vienna loves tap, jazz, and especially ballet because it really stretches her out!

Vienna strives very hard to improve her skills and technique by completing her CSTD exams in ballet and jazz. She entered competitive dance at 5 years old and has enjoyed several awards for solo, duet and troupe performances.

Vienna loves her time at dance because it is a place she can spend time with good friends. She may even want to become a ballerina one day!

Vienna is a proud Viella Ambassador because she is happy to support her Mum.



Brooklyn began her dance journey at 2 and moved to her current dance studio at 4, where with the help of her nurturing instructors, she has grown and developed into the dancer she is today.

Dancing competitively since 6 years of age, Brooklyn has always felt at home on the stage, and she has found multiple opportunities to shine; from being a child performer in WA Ballet productions of Cinderella and La Sylphide, to dancing in Aladdin for the WA Breast Cancer Ball, and playing the role of ‘Penny’ in a Dirty Dancing production under Carmello from ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

She has enjoyed many competitive achievements as well, including winning the WA State Cup for the Sub Elementary ballet exam, being awarded several Aggregate Cups at the CSTD, On Stage and West Coast Dance Festival competitions, and being named Showcase Regional Teen Champion.

For now Brooklyn is focusing on continuing to study dance and sharing her passion by helping dancers age 6 – 14 prepare for solo performances. She is also aiming to get involved in choreographing these solos. She is eager to explore any performance opportunities that may arise in the future!

Brooklyn is a passionate Viella Ambassador. Here are her thoughts on what it means to be an ambassador for the brand,

“Viella is an amazing, creative and luxury line of dance wear that I feel privileged to represent. Not only is the dancewear itself extremely supportive, but Nicole’s strong message behind it, is what means the most to me. It is a line of dancewear that makes girls, no matter the age, feel comfortable and supported whilst dancing which, I feel, is extremely important for a dancer. Not only does it make you look classy, but you also feel it.”


Abbey’s Mum says she was born dancing and mastered walking on her toes before she let her whole foot touch the floor. Abbey began her dance journey when she was 4 and she hasn’t looked back.

Abbey has been successful in her early dance career including; being the Get The Beat competition Regional Champion U8/U10 and being in the Top 10 Nationals in 2017, being a Rainbow Face of Dance Junior, and as a Marko Panzic Dream Creative Junior Team Member which will see her travel to Sydney in September to participate in the Australian Dance Festival.

Abbey aspires toward a career in dance and hopes to become a Ballerina or Commercial dancer.




Casey began her dance journey at the age of 2 and has been trained in most styles of dance including; jazz, tap, classical, contemporary and hip-hop. Casey is currently part of a senior company at her dance school, is an assistant teacher and is working on creating a junior company troupe along with her dance teacher.

For Casey, dance is life! The art of dance allows her to express herself without words. The dancing lifestyle has played a big role in Casey’s self-confidence throughout her early life, and she is thrilled that she can now share her passion with others.

Casey’s list of accomplishments include near completion of jazz, tap and contemporary exams, and numerous solo and troupe competition awards. She has also performed on Australia’s Got Talent and in the Australian Dance Festival.

Casey enjoys wearing Viella Dancewear because she feels encouraged to be comfortable in her own skin. She feels so beautiful in these pieces any negative thoughts about body imaged are squashed! Casey is excited to be a Viella ambassador because she is able to promote this positive body image and encourage other girls.



Starting dance at 2 years of age, Chloe’s love for dance began early and is a passion that will only continue to grow.

To Chloe, dance is a place she can be free to express all of her emotions, the freedom of movement simply makes her feel amazing!

Chloe is continually working on her skills through dance exams and competitions earning champion titles at Dance Life Unite and West Coast Dance Festival. She has recently been selected for the Dream Dance Creative and will be participating in Sydney’s Australian Dance Festival.

She aspires to become a professional dancer and teach her craft to others.

Chloe believes in Viella’s mission and is happy to be part of the team to wear the dancewear and get the message out to other dancers.



Ellie has been dancing since 3 years of age. A change in dance studios when she was 5 secured her path toward a love for dance that just keeps growing!

Ellie loves the feeling of freedom and happiness she experiences while dancing and attending classes is like going to a second home.

She is testing her skill and theory through CTSD Ballet exams and hopes to one day perform on cruise ships and travel the world.

Ellie is a proud Viella Ambassador because she loves the dancewear. Not only does wearing Viella make her feel comfortable in dance class, she loves the creativity of the designs and how much meaning the brand holds for herself and other dancers.



Emily started ballet classes at the young age of 2 and at 6 also turned her interest towards the study of performance. Since then, she has performed in four Perth musicals as well as other events around Perth. In 2018, Emily travelled to the United States to further her performance arts training.

Emily has loved dance since the very beginning and it has grown to become her passion. This passion allows her to express herself and share her stories with others through her performances.

Emily has qualified in many national competitions, won scholarships for sought after workshops and is also a student teacher at her dance school.

With so many accomplishments under her belt it is no wonder that she aspires to return to the Unites States to continue her pursuit of performance arts. She would like to become a dance teacher or choreographer in the future so she can share her knowledge with others.

Emily is a proud Viella ambassador because her values of embracing who you are and owning your individuality are mirrored by the brand. She is hoping to inspire other dancers to feel comfortable within themselves.



Beginning her dance journey at 3 years old, Emma has been dancing for as long as she can remember.

Dance is all Emma knows and she cannot imagine her life without it. Not only has dance allowed her to become more confident, it has also led her to form the tightest bonds of friendship with the most amazing people.

Reflecting on dance, Emma says, “You are never perfect, but the art of it makes you strive to be.” So it is no surprise that Emma has been accepted into Dance Force 2020 full time, has completed the Dororthy Gladstone for Theatrical and Tap Performers as well as RAD and CSTD Major Ballet Exams.

With a special passion for Commercial Jazz, Emma hopes to start her career travelling on cruise ships with her sights set on becoming a Rockette. Her ultimate dream would be to travel the world while performing.

Emma is a proud Viella Ambassador because she finds the brand’s purpose to be unique and also very necessary in the dance community. She feels the designs are meticulous in making the comfort of the dancer first priority. All these consideration result in a beautiful dancewear collection that she feels, speaks for itself.



Isla is another little sister who discovered her love of dance by following in her big sisters ballet pumps! Starting dance lessons at only 16 months old, Isla quickly developed a love of ballet. She is now dancing 5 days a week and dedicating 5 1/2 hours to the study of ballet alone!

For Isla, dancing is her happy place. She is grateful to have a space where she is free to express herself through movement. Her passion for ballet is the seed for big dreams ahead, as Isla aspires to be a Ballerina in a Dance Company in the future.

With this kind of passion at such a young age, we can be sure her list of accomplishments will grow rapidly!

Isla is honoured to be a Viella Ambassador, as she loves the idea of supporting others on their dance journey. Wearing Viella makes her feel confident and empowered.



Jacqleen’s dance journey has benefitted from her clear sense of direction. Beginning dance at 18 months old, and spending the subsequent years moving up the ranks of dance studios, Jacqleen set her sights on theatrical dance. From there she decided she needed to be better on ballet and set her focus – full steam ahead!

These days, Jacqleen dances full-time ballet and uses her performance as a way of self-expression. Dancing makes her feel very happy and she hopes her audience finds happiness in watching her.

Jacqleen has travelled to both New Zealand and Melbourne, the former for a competition and the latter as part of an award she received at a ballet workshop.

She aspires to be part of a ballet or contemporary dance company one day.

Jacqleen is very excited to be a part of the Viella Ambassdor team; she can both meet new people and spread the word to others about a dancewear brand to which she feels connected.



Lily has been dancing since she was 4 years old and loves all genres of dance. She looks forward to the future of her dance career with excitement.

Lily has achieved honours such as receiving the Dorothy Gladstone Award for Theatrical Performers, dancing in the 2019 Path of Hope Performance as well as having completed all of her Junior Performers exams.

Lily’s future is focused on a dance career that will allow her to perform as long as possible.

Lily is very happy to be a Viella Ambassador because of her belief in what the brand stands for and says about body image. She admires the quality of Viella Dancewear and is eager to share the message to other young dancers.



Luca has a shared love of dance and gymnastics so it no surprise that she has a special flair for acrobatics.

Having started dancing at 2, Luca has a deep love for her craft. Even when she’s not dancing – she’s still dancing! Not only is dance a great place to be to spend time with all of her best friends she also loves the work, the costumes, the make-up and everything that goes in to the creation of a performance.

Luca has performed in the Perth Season of the Sound of Music as Gretl and in the Nutcracker with the WA Ballet. These experiences have made it clear to her that her future lies in the performing arts – Broadway is looking pretty good to her!

Luca sees her part as a Viella Ambassador as an incredible opportunity. She loves all of the pieces and found being part of the professional photo shoot to be an amazing experience. She feels very lucky to be wearing the Viella brand and sharing her experiences on social media (thanks to her Mum’s growing social media skillset!)


Makenzie LOGAN

Makenzie entered the dancing world at 8 years of age and began dancing competitively at 10. Makenzie loves dance for the space it provides for self-expression and for the confidence she has built along her dance journey. Most of all she loves dance because it is fun!

With a growing list of accomplishments, including competing in Dance Life Unite Nationals, travelling to America and Europe for performances, performing at Disneyland in LA and Hong Kong and receiving Honours Plus in grade 5 CSTD Jazz exams, Makenzie is clearly enjoying the dance life!

Being a Viella Ambassador is important to Makenzie because she loves how the brand encourages girls to feel confident in their bodies. She is passionate about sharing how the dancewear makes her feel – strong and confident!



Millah credits her big sister for inspiring her love of dance. At just 18 months old, Millah wanted to join the fun and dance just like the big girls! That was the spark that ignited her passion.

Millah enjoys learning all genres of dance, as well as singing and technique. She has recently started participating in solo competitions and was awarded Petite Champion 2019 at Get The Beat competition.

Millah dances with her whole heart, she loves being able to display both her fierce and soft sides through her art. Her goal at the moment is to simply be the best dancer she can be and hopes to be able to share her love of dance one day by teaching others.

Millah is proud to be a Viella Ambassador and is excited to be sharing her discovery of dance wear that fits her properly and is comfortable to move in – she loves the way Viella dance wear makes her feel!



Nakita started dancing in 2009 and since she first pointed her toe, she has loved every moment of her dance journey. While she dances across all genres, lyrical is her absolute favourite. Her passion for dance is so great she has to share it, so she has recently become a student teacher.

For Nakita, dance is everything. She can express her emotions through dance and walks into every class full of pride and confidence. She absolutely loves it!

Nakita has performed and been awarded at multiple local dance competitions including taking a trip to Melbourne to compete for ATOD. She has also performed in many charity events.

In the future Nakita strives to continue sharing her passion for dance by becoming a dance teacher.

Being able to support a meaningful, local brand is the main reason Nakita is excited to be a Viella Ambassador. She is also looking forward to meeting people and making friends.